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Computing & Information Services Newsletter
 Editor's Note
  Hi Everyone!  
  1997 was the year when CISN (Computing & Information Services Newsletter) was published by Computer Center for the last time, and from that day onwards, we had had great deal of changes and improvements both in the computer information world and on the computational infrastructure of METU. Eventually, CISN is revived once more in 2001, and in this first issue, as well as saying "Hi again to everybody!", we would like to focus on the improvements that have been achieved during the period when CISN was not being published. The services which are very recently introduced and the latest developments in the computational world are other topics we would like to introduce in this issue.

It is planned that the Newsletter will be published once in two months, and our readers will read the hottest news and latest developments in every issue. We will greatly appreciate the comments and suggestions you will convey through our questionnaire. All your contribution is welcome since it will help us in preparing the next issues according to the expectations of our readers. We are proud to announce the people who contributed to this issue of CISN;

Funda Parlaktürk; inquiries on web have been carried out by her to be able to accomplish the task of bringing out the Newsletter. However, she had to leave us before she could complete it, and Esin Kıymaç assumed the functions of this task later on,

Esin Kıymaç; she is the "youngest" and the "newest" member of User Support Group responsible from publications. She assumed the laborious task of completing the work and bringing in CISN to our readers,

Gökhan Eryol - Emre Sezginer; the young member of the network group and his group administrator together contributed to CISN greatly; we owe many thanks to them for the valuable information explaining how they accomplished the job of implementing "Wireless Applications" in METU,

Eser Sahillioğlu - Evrim Akman; the "youngest" web designer and the "wise and experienced" webmaster of the Informatics Group together worked diligently to make CISN available via web. They have implemented the vital developments about "METU WAP" and kindly informed us of these developments through CISN,

Yasemin Saatçioğlu; we are grateful to the "one and only" graphic designer of the Informatics Group for providing the graphical design of our Newsletter,

Recep Gök; he is the "expert" member of Technical Support Group who is engaged in hardware purchases and the task of PC support within the university. His contribution to CISN will be series of writings giving information about the "printers",

Ceren Enc; she is the "energetic" promotion specialist of Administrative Support Group who collected and arranged the background information on Computer Center as well as the information about the developments that have been attained since 1997 in CC,

Ulaş Sunata; she is the member of the Administrative Support Group who is an "expert" in statistical tasks of the Computer Center. She will be formulating and evaluating the Reader Questonnaires of CISN,

Hüsnü Demir; is the member of the Network Group who has employed his programming expertise in collecting data and worked expeditiously on the questionnaire web page of CISN which is prepared by Evrim Akman and Ulas Sunata.

Deniz Yönter; she is the proficient translator of Administrative Support Group who played her part in publicating CISN in English as well.

See you in the next issue....

User Support Group Administrator
METU Computer Center

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