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Computing & Information Services Newsletter
 Editor's Note

In these hottest days of summer, as the summer holiday for most of the people is ending, we have committed ourselves to working on the new information content of the 4th issue of this year. Surprisingly, the summer issue of CISN (July 2001) has been accessed 384 times until I started to write down this note in the middle of August. This number is close to the average reader access number of the first two CISN issues with 425 readers. We would like to thank you for being with us.

Moreover, in the October issue, the changes we have implemented include the changes those in the structure of the questionnaire. There will be two kinds of reader evaluations in this issue. The first one will allow the reader to evaluate each article with double options given below that article. The second type of questionnaire asks questions about CISN in general. Since your answers to our questionnaire, will guide us in the next issues of CISN, we'd greatly appreciate, if you'd take the time to answer our questions and send them to us.

I'd like to gratefully acknowledge and thank the following people for their perpetual contribution from the very first issue, CISN administrator Esin Kıymaç; CC Webadmin Evrim Akman; graphical designer Yasemin Saatçioğlu; statistician Ulaş Sunata; translator Deniz Yönter.

The following CC staff contributed to this issue with the articles they prepared;

Kemal Özbıyık; is assistant to the head of CC, who has been working in METU over 20 years. He contributes to CISN with his article titled "What Happened at CC?",
Günce Çiftçi; is the new member of the Network Group who gives information to us about "DSL Modems",
Ceren Enç; is the old Human Resources and Promotion Specialist of Administrative Support Group and CC, who has prepared "Do not Tell Mom That I am a Doctor, She Thinks I am an IT Employee" article,
Tufan Karadere; is the member of Informatics Group and Listproc administrator, who has made "listproc Web Interface" available and told us how he managed this task in his article,
Çağlar Bilir; is the newest Technical Support Group Administrator who is continuing studies about "Security" and has shared with us his knowledge,
Şebnem Atun; is the Administrative Applications Group Administrator who has gathered information in her "The Behind-the-scenes Work of the New Registrations and Fall Registrations in METU-CC" article,
Satı Ömercan; is the member of User Support Group engaged with the administration of PC Rooms and assigning of passwords, who has shared with us "Interesting Events that Happened When Assigning Passwords in CC",
Recep Gök; is engaged with the tasks of purchasing hardware in Technical Support Group and he gives information about "Pentium 4"s.

Looking forward to see you in the next issue...

User Support Group Manager

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