COMPUTER CENTER Computing Services

User Accounts: METUCC provides all the staff and students with powerful computing facilities including IBM POWERparallel Systems SP2 (nautilus), IBM RISC/6000 POWERserver 590 (rorqual and narwhal), IBM RISC/6000 POWERserver J30 (orca) and campus-wide token-ring fiber optic backbone network connecting all the computing facilities distributed over the campus.

Terminal Rooms: The terminal room locations in the university and the working hours are as follows:






20 PC

4 MB 486 SX-25


Mechanical Engineering

26 PC

8 MB 486 SX-25


Civil Engineering

32 PC

4 MB 486 SX-25


Human Sciences

30 PC

8 MB 486 DX2-66


Computer Engineering

9 WS

17 MAC

4 Sun, 4 WS, 1 X Terminal



1. Dormitory

32 PC

4 MB 386 DX-40


2. Dormitory

32 PC

4 MB 386 DX-40


Laser Print Out Service: One can take printouts after paying corresponding number of page to (4000 TL for one page, at least 50 page) Ziraat Bank Metu Office (No: 304230/48-2). Printouts can be taken from system operators, at room Z01 in METUCC A-Block.

Web Service: Academic Units, Research Units, Student Groups, Organizations, Centers & Societies in METU-Campus can have their Web pages by submitting an application form to Computer Center.

Library: Introductory books for novice users prepared by Computer Center Staff and detailed technical user manuals, references and computer related magazines can be obtained from METUCC Library (room: 109). Library is open Monday to Friday between 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00.

Consultancy Service: If you have a problem, if you want to know more information about CC Services, or you have any comments or suggestions related with our services, please contact with User Support Group (USG) 1. Floor in B building at Computer Center, dial numbers 3355 or 2088 or send mail to "" e-mail address.

CISN aims at providing information to all users of the existing computer system facilities in METU Computer Center (METUCC). It carries announcements of new developments in METUCC and articles on computing in general as well as hints on how to improve the users interaction with the facilities. If you wish to subscribe to CISN, send a note to
'' with your name, Institution name and e-mail address; we will enter you in our subscription database. Also, if you wish to contribute further issues, again e-mail to: ''.

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