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 Editor's Note

(Until the day I started for this editor's note) 850 people have visited the issues of CISN since January 2001. We are hopeful that the next issues will attract a growing number of people who are interested in the "Information World".

Since no one answered our questionnaire among 850 CISN visitors, unfortunately, we had to exclude "From the reader" section in this issue. However, in the September issue, we are planning to make some changes about the questionnaire section to continue receiving your opinions and suggestions.

In this issue, in addition to the topics handled in the previous issues (Printers, Health & Computers, News from METUCC, Fun Stuff) you will be able to find information about;

New Sub Domain Names,
Dynamic Routing, which is a new implementation in network studies.
We had to prepare the summer issue of CISN with a smaller group of people, however, the September issue will cover a wider range of topics like Security, List-proc, DSL Modems, Human Resources in Information Technology and Preparations Before Registrations and we hope to see you there as well.

I would like to gratefully acknowledge and thank the following individuals for their perpetual contribution from the very first issue, CISN administrator Esin Kıymaç; web administrator Evrim Akman; graphical designer Yasemin Saatçioğlu; translator Deniz Yönter.

Other CC staff that contributed with their valuable efforts to this issue are as follows;

Ferdi Ayaydın; the member of network group who has provided the facts about "Dynamic Routing" for our newsletter,
Leyla Ersun; DNS group supervisor who has prepared the news about sub domain names that are very recently implemented in our country,
Feride Erdal; User Support Group Software Administrator who has organized the "Software Introduction Seminars" and has given the details about this organization in the article she prepared.
Recep Gök; being engaged with the tasks of purchasing hardware and providing PC support in Technical Support Group, and he continues to give information on "printers" with a series of articles,

Looking forward to see you in the next issue....

User Support Group Manager

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