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 New Sub Domain Names

"DNS Work Group" that is established by Internet Higher Committee (Internet Üst Kurulu) has accepted new sub domain names such as "web.tr", "tel.tr", "name.tr".

To determine the procedure of distributing these sub domain names and to solve the problems that may arise because of this procedure, an arbitrator mechanism shall be established and this mechanism shall include jurists. After this mechanism is established, the three new domain names shall be open for use.

The main objectives of these new sub domain names are summarised as below;

.name.tr Sub Domain Name

name.tr is a sub domain name that will be opened for personal use of both the Turkish citizens and foreigners living in Turkey. This sub domain name will be opened to increase the number of personal domains and services (web pages, e-mail etc.) under ".tr" top-level domain. This new domain name will help to enhance the personal use of the Internet, promote the contribution of individuals to society and improve their personal developments.

.web.tr Sub Domain Name

web.tr is a domain name that will be opened for the use of individuals and organisations to extend the use of ".tr" top-level domain name. The only restriction for this sub domain name is that it should not be used against laws or codes of society. This domain name is opened to encourage the presence of individuals and organisations on the environment of Internet. As the main principle, violation of intellectual property rights and domain name trade is never encouraged.

.tel.tr Sub Domain Name

tel.tr is a domain name that enables the individuals and organisations in Turkey to allocate domain names in connection with all kinds of telephone numbers. The legal owner of that telephone number shall be the sole authority to allocate a number to the domain name that is concerned.

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