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 Editor's Note

We have been committed to working eagerly and determinedly in the two months that followed the publication of the first issue of CISN on February 2001, to make available the information presented in the content of this second issue. Although the amount of the feedback from our readers about the first issue was less than we actually would like to receive; admittedly, it was great pleasure for us during this period of preparations to receive some. You can find more about the comments and suggestions of our readers on "Opinions and Suggestions" section.

In this issue, in addition to the topics handled in the first issue such as Printers, Health & Computers, News from METUCC, Fun Stuff, Questionnaire, you will be able to find;

statistical information about "Registrations", which constitute a significant span of time for the University, and information about the new "Critical Elective Course" applications during "Registrations",
detailed information with pictures of design studies, about the new design of www pages of the University, namely METU-CWIS,
the recently introduced services of CC, such as the new PC Room applications, the new licensed software, the new system's ("beluga") fields of service, the new CC Library Automation System.

Despite the fact that approximately 400 people have accessed to our newsletter in the first issue, 16 people have taken the time to answer our questionnaire. With this inadequate feedback, which is far below our expectations, we cannot set the guiding principles of this newsletter. We are awaiting your valuable comments and suggestions to our "Send Feedback" and "Questionnaire" sections. We'd greatly appreciate if you'd take a look at the questionnaire and tell us how we can serve you better.

I would like to gratefully acknowledge and thank the following individuals for their perpetual contribution to the issues, CISN administrator Esin Kıymaç; web administrator Evrim Akman; graphical designer Yasemin Saatçioğlu; statistician Ulaş Sunata; translator Deniz Yönter. Without their genuine efforts and commitments, this newsletter would not be published. :-)

I would also like to thank the following CC staff that contributed to the second CISN issue:

Fehmi Turan; the young member of the network group, who has accomplished notable tasks campus wide on "METU NET", tells us what has been achieved about it in the University,

Şebnem Atun; the task of answering programming needs of the University belong to the team of this hardworking Administrative Applications Group leader and she tells us about how they tried to solve the difficult issue of "Critical Elective Courses" during registrations,

Cihan Yıldırım; the hard-working Informatics Group Administrator, who contributed to the new pages by inquiring about the academic information that is necessary for the formal content, provides a comprehensive article with essential information about how the new design of "METU-CWIS Web Pages" was developed,

Recep Gök; being an expert about hardware, he is engaged with the tasks of purchasing hardware and providing PC support in Technical Support Group, and he continues to give information in this issue with a series of articles on "Printers",

Ulaş Sunata; our wise statistician, who is engaged with the statistical tasks of CC within Administrative Support Group, contributed to this issue by evaluating "Registration Statistics" and preparing their graphs,

Feride Erdal; is the User Support Group Software Administrator. Being my most successful "assistant" in every aspect, she is my right hand. She works diligently on Licensed Software in CC and gives the latest software news of the university in CISN,

Satı Ömercan; is a chief helper to me with the demanding task of "Administration of PC Rooms" and she is the "Sister Sati" of all the "Student Assistants". She conveys the latest information about PC Rooms via CISN,

Saffet Pamuk; does not work in CC at the present time, but he was once employed as the "hot-line" staff and his intensive labour in User Support Group, successfully produced CC Library Automation project together with the valuable information gathered in this issue.

Looking forward to see you in the next issue....

User Support Group Administrator

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