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METU-CC Library Automation System

Computer Center Library Automation System aims to provide the academic and administrative personnel of METU with "Books" purchased for various projects, with "CD"s and "Diskettes" of licensed software purchased for the University, with "Journals" to keep the readers learn the latest news and events of information world. Within the framework of certain regulations, users will be able to benefit from these materials effectively via the help of the Internet environment.

The CC Library Automation System was introduced into service on January 26th, 2001. Users can access to this system from the following URL address,


This program will enable the Acedemic and Administrative users to perform the following tasks with their orca/rorqual user codes,

Searching items among the library catalog,
Reserving the item (users may check whether the item is reserved by another user or not, or whether it is available in the CC Library or not.),
When searching for an item, the user can also check whether the copy of the item is also available on ftp.cc.metu.edu.tr or not,
Cancelling the reservation when the user does not want the item anymore,
The users can view both the material they have borrowed and the tasks they have carried out,
Tracking the patron history.

This program facilitated both for the users and the CC Library the tracking of the materials borrowed. After each task that is carried out, the user receives a notification via e-mail. Unless the user returns the material to the Library on the due date, the program automatically sends a warning message to the user. If still, the user does not return the material to the library, he/she will be banned by the program from using the CC library material for 30 days. The users will be able to view the information about the penalties on WWW pages. As long as the penalty exists, he/she will not be able to borrow any other products.

The program will not permit the user to borrow an item which is reserved beforehand by another user.

Moreover, the program will not allow the user to borrow or reserve more than three items at a time.

In case the user does not come and borrow the item within a day, the program will automatically cancel his/her reservation and the second user on the reservation list will obtain the right to borrow the item. They will be notified via e-mail.

The user may cancel his/her reservation of an item.

The program has 3 different interfaces, i.e. Operator, Administrator and User. The rights of each user differ from each other.

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